Advanced telematics solutions from only £9.99 per month, with flexible contract terms

GPS fleet tracking from as little as 32p per day & we can provide a tracking solution for almost anything. Titus Telematics - If it moves, we track it.

Telematics solutions perfect for almost any application

Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of multiple assets, we have the perfect solution for you. Our system allows you complete access to the crucial business data that will help you drive a more efficient and productive fleet.

Powerful GPS tracking that can save you time and money whilst running your fleet

Access your fleet from any web-browser

Track your entire fleet from your desktop computer using any web-browser. Keep informed about the crucial data that helps to drive a more productive and efficient fleet

Get powerful insights into your fleet with reports

Easy to use but as in depth as they need to be, our reporting suite gives you the crucial business data in a super easy to read format. Schedule reports on almost any metric and have this dropped into your inbox whenever you need it. All reports can be saved to the computer as well as being printed.

Access your fleet from your iOS or Android device

Our software not only runs on your computer or laptop, but also is fully available right from the palm of your hand through our GPS tracking mobile app. Never lose touch of the location of your fleet vehicles, even when you're not at your desk.

Integrated GPS DashCam solution

Starting at only £14.99per month per unit, Our fleet tracking system can now link directly to our latest GPS dash-cam technology allowing fleet managers to login to the camera and view the road ahead in real-time. Avoid insurance disputes by using the video evidence to fight your corner in any insurance claim and make your staff and assets safer whilst out on the open road.

Digital Tachograph Integration inside the Fleet Tracking Platform

Gone are the days of having to chase your drivers to come back to base to download their tacho information. Drivers can be left out doing what they do best instead of having to be at the office to download their card. This data helps you and your drivers remain compliant without the hassle.

Improve Driver Behaviour for a more Efficient Fleet

Poor driver behaviour is one of top profit killers. Inefficient driving is another huge factor in business costs, a driver that is smooth on the accelerator and brakes, will burn much less fuel and be much less likely to end up in an accident than a driver that has their "pedal to the metal". Our fleet tracking system provides all the information you need to help your drivers improve their behaviour, including stats on speeding, harsh breaking and swerving.

A world of benefits for your business

The benefits are what sells our system and are the main reason why our customers love our telematics solutions. With a return on investment within 6-9 months of install, make Titus Telematics your new telematics partner today

Reduce Fleet Costs

Reduce many of the costs involved in running a fleet of vehicles

  • Lower fuel costs through improved driver behaviour
  • Reduce maintenance and repair bills
  • Fight billing disputes easily
  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce time spent on admin tasks

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is one of the biggest costs of running a fleet. Reduce these costs with our system

  • Coach drivers in better driving techniques to save money on fuel costs
  • Reduce engine idle time
  • Monitor business v personal mileage
  • Skip through traffic jams with live traffic info
  • Optimise routes to save on fuel costs

Safer Staff & Assets

Help keep your staff and assets safe and secure 24/7

  • Help drivers stay safe on the road through safer driving behaviour
  • Reduce speeding through driver coaching
  • Stop unauthorised vehicle use
  • Instant alerts if assets used out of hours
  • Live location data to help get back stolen assets quickly

Improve Productivity

Get the most out of your assets and staff and improve your bottom line

  • Spend less time doing admin tasks through scheduled reports
  • Utilise assets better
  • Locate the nearest asset
  • Reduce asset downtime
  • Reduce billing disputes

Keep your Customers Happy

Help improve your customer service by keeping your clients in the know

  • Live location updates allows you to keep your customer updated on the location of their delivery
  • Accurate billing for use of your assets
  • Instant alerts delivered straight to your client when their delivery is nearby

Reduce Insurance Costs

Reduce the risks and lower insurance related costs

  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Fight bogus insurance claims against you and your staff
  • Reduce the risk of accidents occuring by improving driver behaviour
  • Complete insurance claims quicker, getting you back on the road sooner

We have the perfect solution for your chosen sector

GPS tracking has applications across many different industries and sectors and can help your business save money whilst creating a more efficient and productive fleet

Haulage & Logistics

Courier & Delivery Services

Airline & Airports

Construction Sector

Private Hire & Public Transport

Agriculture Sector

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